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Risograph - Risoprint Effect

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About the Product

This product is a high-quality Photoshop template that allows users to achieve a realistic risoprint effect for their images. The template has been specifically designed to replicate the look of a risograph print, with all the unique and beautiful imperfections that come with this printing technique.

This Photoshop template is perfect for graphic designers, artists, and photographers who want to add a touch of vintage style to their work. With the template, users can create stunning and authentic-looking risograph prints without the need for expensive printing equipment or materials.

The template is easy to use and comes with detailed instructions to guide users through the process. It is a high-resolution template, allowing users to produce images with up to 4 layers with a crisp and sharp grainy effect.


  • 1 PSD Files (4000x5000px size)
  • Smart object replacement
  • 300dpi
  • Up to 4 layers print overaly effect (you choose how many to use)
  • Multiple background versions included
  • Fully editable
  • Detailed instructions with images
  • 20 High-resolution PNG images (around 4000px size)


  • This digital risoprint effect, just as the real risograph printer, does not work on dark backgrounds (we are currently workings on a dark background version)
  • This effect works best with cutout transparent background objects, characters, shapes, etc.. It will work with images too but the results might not be optimal.