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Collage Creator - 1400+ Cutouts

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About the Product

Unleash your inner creativity and design prowess with our Collage Creator, an all-in-one toolkit that empowers you to craft stunning and unique collages. With an extensive library of over 1400 meticulously curated cutouts, this toolkit is your ticket to an infinite world of artistic possibilities. It is packed with everything you can think of - people, plants, landscapes, transportation, animals, letters, and way more. Create collages that match your mood, style, or whatever tickles your fancy!

Each cutout is included in 3 versions for you to play with resulting in a total of 4200+ collage cutouts included.

Each cutout PNG object included as:

  • Original: Keep it classic
  • Retro: Add a vintage twist
  • Halftone: Go for a modern vibe

100 Premade compositions included - PNG high resolution files of around 4000x4000px size.

Very easy to use in any software. PNG files that you can simply drag and drop, change size, and mix and match to get the desired results that would fit your project best!

If you encounter any problems regading any of the cutouts, please let us know and we will fix it and update the files as soon as possible!

IMPORTANT: The total size of this product is around 15gb which is too big to upload here on Creative Market. The download includes the 100 Premade compositions and a PDF file with download liks for the rest of the files which are hosted on our Dropbox account and can be downloaded from there at any time.

See here all of the files included in this PDF file:

Product features:

  • 1400+ original cutouts
  • 1400+ retro cutouts
  • 1400+ halftone cutouts
  • 100 Premade compositions
  • PNG Files - transparent background
  • High resolution - 1000px to 6000px+ sizes
  • Alphabet cutouts included - Around 1000x1000px each letter

What type of cutouts are included:

  • 67 Abstract & Geometric
  • 182 Characters & People
  • 95 Animals
  • 76 Architecture & Landscape
  • 90 Food & Drink
  • 118 Various Object
  • 67 Plants & Flowers
  • 47 Statues & Skulls
  • 45 Transportation
  • 70 Miscellaneous
  • 77 Zodiac & Space
  • 62 Gemstones
  • 225 Alphabet Letters
  • 53 Numerals
  • 123 Typography
  • 18 Backgrounds
  • 100 Premade Compositions